Pigeons and other large irritating birds, often gather to perch and build nest on ledges and parapet walls. When they do, they can leave hideous amount of mess in bird droppings, debris and nesting materials. Many property owners choose to overlook the problem and simply scare birds away.

But birds are creatures of habit, and they will return–often in greater numbers.

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The scent of nesting materials attracts them. Its time for a physical hindrance to bird like bird spikes. If you have a problem with birds landing on or around your property, there are a lot of great ways to lessen the threat or eradicate the problem entirely.

From cleaning products to firecrackers, there are several solutions that will aid property owners eliminate nuisance birds and remove any traces that was a problem in the first place.

We’ve found that one of the most efficient methods for eradicating a bird problem is to use bird spikes. Bird spikes is very easy to install, inexpensive to purchase, and demand very little maintenance. Why bird spikes effective? How exactly do they prevent birds to land on or around the building surfaces ?

Here is what you need to learn about this amazing bird deterrent.

What Are Bird Spikes

Bird spikes come in an array of sizes and styles, but actually all of them work in the same way . Bird spikes are designed narrow strips of spikes that acts as a physical barrier that can be attached to eaves, roofs, window sills, and anywhere else large birds land or congregate.

Bird spikes have a polycarbonate base with glue tracks and screw holes, it can securely be attached to almost any surface as well as wood or concrete.

We offer plastic and stainless steel bird spikes. Even though both plastic and steel spikes work the same way (they make it tough or impossible for birds to land or walk in the area with spikes), steel spikes provide a few unique benefits.

Not only they are less obvious and can blend in with a building’s architecture better than plastic bird spikes, stainless bird spikes can assure you that it will able to withstand hot temperatures and direct sunlight. The strip of each bird spikes is 4.3 inches in height and 20 inches in length and can be attached end-to-end to cover any desired length.

Are bird spikes effective?

If installed properly, bird spikes provides you bird control it will prevent birds from perching, it will also control bird droppings. Bird proofing your property will prevent the birds from landing anywhere on or around your business (or the specific problem areas). Larger species of birds such as gulls, pigeons, and crows all have big feet that are designed more for walking than for clasping.

Because of the size of their feet, these birds need quite a bit of space to land and to navigate once they have landed. Bird spikes prevent birds from roosting on ledges as it blocks and cover the areas the birds can land and walk around, effectively making it impossible for them to get anywhere near your business.

It’s crucial to note that some smaller species of birds such as starlings and sparrows will not permanently avert birds from perching if you use bird spikes alone. It’s hard to impose bird control specially when the birds are nesting or mating.

Tiny birds use their feet to clutch branches, cables, and other items. While this is not accurate for all species and only happens in rare instances, by using other deterrents, such as a stainless steel electric tracks, you are sure to defeat any bird trouble you face. Stainless Steel bird spikes are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel and come with a 25 Year “No-Rust” Warranty. The plastic spikes are constructed from UV Durolon poly-carbonate which doesn’t become brittle or yellow in the elements.

Are bird spikes legal?

Bird spikes are recommended as one of the finest long-term methods of bird proof buildings. The pins of the anti bird spikes performs as a visual and physical barrier so the birds can no longer land on the ledge and build their nest on it, moving them on to other more accessible areas.

Just because you want to eradicate a bird problem from around your business doesn’t mean you want to see all of the birds suffer. Luckily, bird spikes are merciful, safe, and environmentally friendly.

The spikes themselves are designed and created for bird control without causing any actual harm or injury. Its not long before walls, signage, building ledges, windows and doors are covered with disgusting salt-and-pepper trails of bird dropping.

After spending substantial amounts on cleanups and possible repairs (bird dropping can eat into almost any object), many property owners decide to deal with their bird problem by resorting to poisons, traps or pellet guns. The problem with this is that most birds are protected by laws that make it illegal to harm them.

Both our stainless steel and plastic spikes are easy to install plus it is safe for the environment and will last up to 10 years or more before needing to be replaced.

How much does it cost to install bird spikes?

You can add a strip of birds spikes on your shopping cart for $10 – $14